“Louis believes that all spaces within a school should be interactive with its users and adaptive to suit the ever-changing needs of the learning community.”

Louis Sirota

Studio Manager & Senior Designer

Louis is both a Senior Designer and a Project Manager with FNI. He believes that all spaces within a school should be interactive with its users and adaptive to suit the ever-changing needs of the learning community. His creativity, strong problem solving skills and integrated educational and design philosophies make him an asset to any project he works on.

Louis utilizes Building Information Management (BIM) technology to create comprehensive building models that digitally represent physical and functional characteristics of a building. These models can be easily used to produce any number of documents needed to communicate a design to clients, community groups, contractors and city representatives. Louis used Revit to produce a full set of construction documents for the High School for Recording Arts, in St. Paul, Minnesota, which opened in fall 2013.

Louis was a key member of the design team for The Rayong Institute of Science and Technology and co-located Rayong Science Academy in Thailand, a new generation of innovative secondary and tertiary learning in Asia. He served as a designer for the master planning and renovation of Pratt Community School, a historic elementary school in Minneapolis. He was also the project manager and designer for Venture Academies, an innovative new charter middle and high school in Minneapolis.

He graduated Summa Cum Laude from North Dakota State University in 2011 with a Master of Architecture and a B.S. in Environmental Design. His thesis project reinvented the modern day academic library, turning it into a place where students wanted to be and allowed for the integration of ever changing technologies and social trends, the basis of 21st century design. In addition to his thesis he also designed a learning center in Tanzania, Africa that operated as an elementary school during the day and a community meeting center in the evening. His academic success has translated into innovative and forward thinking designs in the professional world.

Earlier in his career Louis worked as a design associate at a west coast architecture firm gaining experience and assisting in the design of student housing, thus giving him the experience necessary to understand the needs of a student and translate them into a functioning, innovative, and practical building. Louis also was a member of the SENSEable city laboratory at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology his research helped in the development of building occupant tracking systems that make any existing campus building 45% more energy efficient.

Contact Louis Sirota at louis@fieldingnair.com.