Randall Fielding Was a Featured Speaker at the SCUP Conference in Des Moines

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“I recently attended a conference for the Society for College and University Planning where Randall’s keynote presentation was about the architectural design of future learning spaces.  He presented several international projects whose designs anticipated the evolving pedagogies of student engagement, collaboration, and individualization.  It was inspiring to visualize the future of education through the design… Read more »

Classroom makeover: how schools are rethinking what learning looks like

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The average school in the United States is between 30 and 50 years old, according to Prakash Nair, whose Minneapolis-based architectural firm, Fielding Nair International, specializes in designing innovative schools. Those decades-old buildings were created when learning meant listening to a teacher lecture until the bell rang. Not so today. A 21st-century education, school leaders… Read more »

Prakash Nair Podcast and Article on American Public Media

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Excerpt: “All the flexibility is meant to encourage a new type of learning: Learning by doing. Learning with new technology. Learning that is collaborative, personalized. Learning that architect Prakash Nair said more traditional schools are no good at. Nair is the founding president of Fielding Nair International and the author of the forthcoming book Blueprint… Read more »