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Conference Theme: Bridging the Gap between Pedagogy, Spaces & Technology to

Enhance Student Learning Outcomes & Increased Enrollment

– Pre-Conference Workshops: 26th September 2016

– Main Conference: 27th – 28th September 2016

– Post Conference Site Tours: 29th September 2016

– Venue: One Farrer Hotel & Spa, Singapore

Prakash Talk – Blueprint for Tomorrow: Designing a Smart, Agile School for Smart, Agile Kids

Today schools must be shaped not only by the architects who design them, but also by the teachers and students who occupy them. However, a majority of the learning in schools is still pre-determined by a design best suited for an industrial, mass-production model, signaling also an obsolete pedagogy. A well designed school must move away from the rigidity of the static building to the agility of the Learning Building. Being an architect winner for CEFPI MacConnell Award who spearheads numerous innovative learning buildings, Prakash Nair will walk you through the strategies to modify the learning spaces, reshape schools to represent true Learning Buildings, and to manifest new and more powerful philosophies of learning. The presentation will also illustrate several international case studies to provide specific and immediately usable ideas to transform learning environments.

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