Inspire the participants at your next education conference.

FNI principals are eager to present their visions for education transformation at future professional conferences and events. As evangelists for student-centered learning, we will shake up every participant’s views of education best practices, and challenge them to participate in a global revolution to create better learning experiences for all students.

Prakash Nair

FNI’s Founding President & CEO

“Your talk set the tone, and raised the bar, for all to follow. Our volunteers and community learned much by having the opportunity to meet you and hear your passion for making a better future.”

Professor Heather Richardson Hayton, Guilford College, Greensboro

Prakash explains the future of education at this top education conference and expo in Australia:

Randall Fielding

FNI’s Founding Chairman

“Randy Fielding’s knowledge, passion and commitment in designing the best in class for schools is impressive. He is a fantastic presenter and his talks are always engaging and interactive.”BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB

Ambroise d’Hauteville, APAC Education Director, Steelcase Asia Pacific

See Randy inspire and engage participants at this superintendents’ conference in Winnipeg, Manitoba:

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