"Rudy is a strong advocate of using acquired knowledge to aide people who are less fortunate in the U.S. as well as internationally."

Rudy Dieudonne

Associate Designer

Rudy Dieudonne is a designer, writer and researcher who originates from Miami, Florida. While living and working within the unique outdoor & indoor culture of Miami, Dieudonne developed a strong appreciation for structurally secure designs that foster diverse interactions among users. It is this appreciation that lead him to enroll within the University of Florida, where he received his Bachelors of Design and Minor in Mass Communications in 2010. During his time at the University of Florida, Dieudonne developed a deep interest in the psychology of architecture. This interest resulted in him enrolling within the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where he received his Masters of Architecture in 2014. At MIT he was immersed in research dealing with the intersection of human behavior and design issues. More specifically, his research examined the psychological effects of educational facility design on students and adults. Still intrigued and influenced by the accumulated research, Dieudonne then proceeded to apply this knowledge to practice. Several months after leaving MIT, he began working at FNI as their Project Designer.

Prior to working at FNI, Dieudonne worked for a variety of different firms and individuals. He continually seeks to work with architecture & interior design firms that deal specifically with public facility designs. As a result, he has worked for Oxfam of America in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, as their architectural research assistant. There he worked specifically on the development of hurricane shelters and educational facility designs. He has also collaborated with h2o Architects within Paris, France. Within that collaboration, he worked on school renovations and home designs. Beyond those two specific positions, Dieudonne has also worked as a CAD Designer, Graphic Designer and installation tech for a variety of MIT affiliated staff and entrepreneurs.

Outside of design, Dieudonne pursues other interests which involve writing, photography and community service work. He has collaborated on articles with the nationally distributed, “Ebony Magazine” on issues relating to health and education within the African American community. He has also worked as a contributing editor on various publications within MIT and many of their affiliates. However the work that he is most proud of is his community service efforts. He is a strong advocate of using acquired knowledge to aide people who are less fortunate in the U.S. as well as internationally. To date, Dieudonne has completed service work in Haiti, Guatemala, India, and domestic locations such as Florida, Tennessee and Massachusetts. Currently he is volunteering with a local group in Providence to help renovate a small center that will increase tutoring and computer access to the local community. Dieudonne grew up in an environment where he witnessed the daily struggles of varying minority groups who lacked access to vital educational resources. Due to this, Dieudonne has made a tremendous effort to continually strengthen his skills and talents, to not only better himself but to also help strengthen the communities in which he resides.